Do you fly a Drone?

//Do you fly a Drone?

Do you fly a Drone?

Here at Phillip Island Helicopters we regard safety as our number one priority. With the increasing popularity of drone use we want to assist by providing some important safety information for drone users particularly those that operate close to the Phillip Island Airport.

Flying your drone for fun

  • You should not fly within 5.5kms of an airfield
  • You must only fly during the day and keep your remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) within visual line of sight. This means being able to see your aircraft with your own eyes (rather than through first person view, at all times)
  • You must keep your RPA at least 30 metres away from other people
  • You must not fly over populous areas where-if your drone was to fail-it could hit someone. This could include beaches, parks or sports ovals where there is a game in progress
  • It is illegal to fly for money or economic reward unless you have an RPA operators certificate or you are flying and excluded RPA in the sub-2kg or private landholder category.
  • Remember you must not operate your RPA in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, person or property.
  • Respect personal privacy. Do not record or photograph people without their consent – this may breach state laws.
  • If you are in a controlled airspace, which covers most Australian Cities, you must not fly higher than 120 metres
  • NEVER fly a drone, model aircraft or multi rotor near bushfires.
  • If you are flying a medium RPA (25-150kg) you will need to gain your remote pilot licence.

Know the rules. Have fun but be safe.

Further information – If you have any questions about flying your RPA recreationally or have other RPA operational enquiries please go to the CASA website  or contact the CASA RPA office at .

Do not fly your drone anywhere near fires or emergency services

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